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Zanna Blue

Who is the Zanna Blue?

“I like distracting people with my tits,” says glamorous UK babe Zanna Blue, and her enhanced E cups are so perfect, she could have had a successful career as a bank robber. But luckily for everyone, Zanna decided to become a porn starlet instead, and she’s making productivity all over the world take a nosedive as she unveils her curvaceous form on camera. This playful and fun beauty is sure to bogart all your attention with her glamour poses in stunning lingerie or her sensual cock-sucking skills, so click play on one of Zanna’s videos now and get ready to forget about everything else!

Zanna Blue interested Guys and Girls

What job does Zanna Blue have?

Zanna Blue’s profession is Pornstar

When is Zanna Blue’s birthday?

November 28th, 1993

Does Zanna Blue Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Zanna Blue, Vinyasa Zanna

Where Zanna Blue is from ?

Zanna Blue is from United Kingdom

How tall is Zanna Blue ?

5′ 3″

Does Zanna Blue Have a official website ?


Zanna Blue’s Videos

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