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Yasmin Lee

Who is the Yasmin Lee?

Yasmin Lee is a bit of a contradiction because she does not seem to fit into the traditional model of a Thai shemale. Yasmin Lee has D cup tits and she has a monster cock that is at least 7 inches, thick, and is also uncut. The other thing about Yasmin Lee is that she is 35 yet she looks barely 20. This is a way that she is more stereotypically Thai. With black hair and brown eyes, Yasmin Lee certainly looks the part of what a great shemale would be, and then when watching her scenes, it is clear she is quite the performer.
The scenes that Yasmin Lee is in are just wildly intense. Whether it is her getting fucked hard in the ass and having her hair pulled or barebacking another shemale, Yasmin Lee pours herself into her work. Yasmin Lee also has some real serious BDSM chops, she knows how to work her slaves and if you love submission, she is great at domination. Solo scenes are another specialty, and her working that uncut cock and blowing a big load is something that is great to see. Yasmin Lee is a fantastic shemale.

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What job does Yasmin Lee have?

Yasmin Lee’s profession is Pornstar

When is Yasmin Lee’s birthday?

3 June, 1983

Where Yasmin Lee is from ?

Yasmin Lee is from Thailand

What is Yasmin Lee’s ethnic background ?

Yasmin Lee’s ethnic background is Asian

What is the zodiac sign of Yasmin Lee


What color are Yasmin Lee’s eyes ?

Yasmin Lee’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Yasmin Lee’s hair ?

Yasmin Lee’s eyes color are Black

How tall is Yasmin Lee ?

180 cm

Does Yasmin Lee Have a Twitter account?


Does Yasmin Lee Have a official website ?


What are Yasmin Lee biggest turn-ons?

Nice ass

Yasmin Lee’s Videos

Yasmin Lee’s videos on JizzGay

Yasmin Lee’s videos on PornForGay

Yasmin Lee’s videos on PornForGay

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