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Victoria Cakes

Who is the Victoria Cakes?

If you’re looking for a late-night snack, look no further than the 56 inch ass on Victoria Cakes. This model from Memphis, Tennessee, is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, has 38F giant titties, and loves sucking dick and licking clit. Forget everything you know about the tip-drill, because until you see Victoria’s cake swallowing a huge cock whole, you don’t even know what tip-drill means! Redefining what it means to be larger than life, Victoria Cakes is a bisexual goddess who’s got little in the middle but she’s got much back, and you can watch her back that thing up in the videos below!

Victoria Cakes interested Guys and Girls

What job does Victoria Cakes have?

Victoria Cakes’s profession is Pornstar

When is Victoria Cakes’s birthday?

February 9th, 1991

Does Victoria Cakes Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Victoria Cakes, Victoria Cakez

Where Victoria Cakes is from ?

Victoria Cakes is from United States

How tall is Victoria Cakes ?

5′ 8″

Does Victoria Cakes Have a official website ?


What are Victoria Cakes biggest turn-ons?

Generosity & MONEY

Victoria Cakes’s Videos

Victoria Cakes’s videos on CaliPornos

Victoria Cakes’s videos on Jizzyes

Victoria Cakes’s videos on Youjizz

Victoria Cakes’s videos on Tubepornz

Victoria Cakes’s videos on HDTubez

Victoria Cakes’s videos on Pornsug

Victoria Cakes’s videos on ELESBO

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