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Veronica Vaughn

Who is the Veronica Vaughn?

Seductive Asian beauty Dragon Lily was born August 1st in Honolulu, Hawaii and began working in the adult industry in 2003. Even though she retired in 2014, this raunchy porn star left behind an entire collection of hot scenes including BDSM and lesbian action. Watch Lily perform for sites like Men In Pain, Everything Butt and Divine Bitches!

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What job does Veronica Vaughn have?

Veronica Vaughn’s profession is Pornstar

When is Veronica Vaughn’s birthday?

23 December 1965

Where Veronica Vaughn is from ?

Veronica Vaughn is from United States

What is Veronica Vaughn’s ethnic background ?

Veronica Vaughn’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What color are Veronica Vaughn’s eyes ?

Veronica Vaughn’s eyes color are Blue

What color is Veronica Vaughn’s hair ?

Veronica Vaughn’s eyes color are Blonde

What size bra does Veronica Vaughn wear?


Does Veronica Vaughn Have a official website ?


What are Veronica Vaughn biggest turn-ons?

A sexy mouth – I love smiles, Lips, it's such a huge turn on. Nice Butt, muscles, fit, silly sense of humor, confident and cuddly. Role play Costumes – Comic con, anime con, Halloween 24/7, haunted houses, smart, nerdy, video games, passionate about

Veronica Vaughn’s Videos

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