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Venus Lux

Who is the Venus Lux?

When it comes to shemales, there is something really exotic about the Asian shemale, and though Venus Lux is Asian-American, the bottom line is she is quite exotic. With stunning long black hair combined with brown eyes that just let you know that she is ready to give you the time of your life. There is more to Venus Lux than just her ethnicity and hair color though, she is 5’10, has C cup tits and while she may lack tattoos and piercings, her thick cock certainly makes up for anything that could be missing.
As for using her thick cock, Venus Lux does not mess around, and she does her work with shemales, men, and women. The bottom line is when it comes to bareback anal poundings, 69’s, blow jobs, and much more. The scenes are really intense, and Venus Lux knows how to get the most out of them. For example, this is a shemale that can do some great deep throat action while also being able to deliver an incredible facial upon request. The bottom line is when thinking of shemales, Venus Lux is one of the absolute best that anyone will come across.

Venus Lux interested Guys and Girls

What job does Venus Lux have?

Venus Lux’s profession is Pornstar

When is Venus Lux’s birthday?

10 October, 1990

Where Venus Lux is from ?

Venus Lux is from United States

What is Venus Lux’s ethnic background ?

Venus Lux’s ethnic background is Asian

What is the zodiac sign of Venus Lux


What color are Venus Lux’s eyes ?

Venus Lux’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Venus Lux’s hair ?

Venus Lux’s eyes color are Black

How tall is Venus Lux ?

178 cm (5’10”)

Does Venus Lux Have a Twitter account?


Does Venus Lux Have a official website ?


Venus Lux’s Videos

Venus Lux’s videos on JizzGay

Venus Lux’s videos on PornForGay

Venus Lux’s videos on PornForGay

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