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Venus Afrodita

Who is the Venus Afrodita?

Venus Afrodita was born March 6, 1990, in Caracas, Venezuela. This hot Latin babe could be a synonym for pure exotic with her look. Her charming face with long brown hair reminds us on a sea siren..

Venus Afrodita interested Guys and Girls

What job does Venus Afrodita have?

Venus Afrodita’s profession is Pornstar

When is Venus Afrodita’s birthday?

May 6, 1997 in Chicago, Illinois

Does Venus Afrodita Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Venus Afrodita, Venus

Where Venus Afrodita is from ?

Venus Afrodita is from Venezuela

What is Venus Afrodita’s ethnic background ?

Venus Afrodita’s ethnic background is Latin

How tall is Venus Afrodita ?

5 ft 7 in (170 cm)

Does Venus Afrodita Have a official website ?


Venus Afrodita’s Videos

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