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Vanessa Luna

Who is the Vanessa Luna?

Vanessa Luna is a Latina girl who was in the porn industry for a couple of years. She was only able to star in a handful of movies before getting in trouble and making headlines in the mainstream news. In any case, this hot brunette MILF started shooting porn when she was 33. Her ethnicity is Venezuelan and she stands 5’1″. She weighs about 112lbs and her body measurements of 34D-27-39 are just divine! Vanessa mostly starred in porn movies that highlighted her divine ass and how good she is at shaking it for anyone who wants to watch, and that’s part of what got her into trouble. >
You see, women always asked her how she got her hot ass, and they wanted one just like it. So, Vanessa started a little clinic where she claimed to only sell supplements and cosmetics. However, it was allegedly discovered by authorities that a Venezuelan doctor who was not licensed to practice here in the US was also doing illegal cosmetic procedures at the clinic. When a woman became ill from one of the procedures, the attention of the law fell onto the clinic and witnesses even went as far as to say that Vanessa was assisting with the procedures. > Luckily for Vanessa she was found not guilty, even though the surgeon was arrested in 2016. After the clinic closed because of bad press, no one has heard from Miss Luna since. Everyone hopes this brunette hottie is living a happy life, but we wish she would come back to the porn biz so we could see her hot ass again!

What job does Vanessa Luna have?

Vanessa Luna’s profession is Pornstar

When is Vanessa Luna’s birthday?

01 January 1980

Does Vanessa Luna Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Ruth Planas, Vanessa

Where Vanessa Luna is from ?

Vanessa Luna is from Venezuela

What is Vanessa Luna’s ethnic background ?

Vanessa Luna’s ethnic background is Latina

What color are Vanessa Luna’s eyes ?

Vanessa Luna’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Vanessa Luna’s hair ?

Vanessa Luna’s eyes color are Brown

How tall is Vanessa Luna ?


What size bra does Vanessa Luna wear?


Does Vanessa Luna Have a official website ?


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