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Uma Jolie

Who is the Uma Jolie?

Stunning Uma grew up in LA and was a real outdoorsy girl. She loved to hike and enjoyed organic food. The first thing you notice is her astounding eyes. They pull you in and keep your gaze locked as she performs on screen. She has already tallied up an impressive resume in the adult world and it’s not hard to see why – with her beautiful slim body and piercing eyes she is hard to resist. Uma loves astrology too – well, we certainly think she’s a star. And as our September 2017 Angel, she’s sure to reach even greater heights.

Uma Jolie interested Girls

What job does Uma Jolie have?

Uma Jolie’s profession is Pornstar

When is Uma Jolie’s birthday?

September 20, 1985 in Bogota, Colombia

Does Uma Jolie Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Uma Jolie, Belicia

Where Uma Jolie is from ?

Uma Jolie is from United States

What is Uma Jolie’s ethnic background ?

Uma Jolie’s ethnic background is Mixed-race

What is the zodiac sign of Uma Jolie


What color are Uma Jolie’s eyes ?

Uma Jolie’s eyes color are Green

What color is Uma Jolie’s hair ?

Uma Jolie’s eyes color are Blonde

How tall is Uma Jolie ?


Does Uma Jolie Have a Facebook account?


Does Uma Jolie Have a Twitter account?


Does Uma Jolie Have a Snapchat account?


Does Uma Jolie Have a official website ?


What are Uma Jolie biggest turn-ons?

I love girls. I like big buts, fit, with a nice looking pussy

Uma Jolie’s Videos

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Uma Jolie’s Pictures

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