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Stella Cox

Who is the Stella Cox?

Stella Cox is one of the most popular pornstars from the UK. This British babe with Italian roots and big natural boobs seems to be a long-term fan favorite thanks to her natural looks and the massive list of adult movies she starred in. Stella does all sorts of different adult scenes, ranging from solo, lesbian to hardcore scenes. Stella Cox is also starring in quite a big list of porn parody films such as Cock of Duty and even in a ”dirty” Star Wars adaptation for adults.In total, she can be seen in over 200+ porn movie titles. Stella has won the ”Newcomer of the Year” award (XBizEU) in 2014. Just one year later, she had won the (Paul Raymond) ”Girl of the Year” award.This British babe seems to be an unstoppable force, since she’s still very active in the adult film industry today! I guess she’s just naughty by nature… Go follow Stella on her social media profiles right away (especially if you’re obsessed with huge natural juggs).

Stella Cox interested Guys and Girls

What job does Stella Cox have?

Stella Cox’s profession is Pornstar

When is Stella Cox’s birthday?

November 7th, 1990

Does Stella Cox Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Stella Cox

Where Stella Cox is from ?

Stella Cox is from Italy

What is Stella Cox’s ethnic background ?

Stella Cox’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What color are Stella Cox’s eyes ?

Stella Cox’s eyes color are Green

What color is Stella Cox’s hair ?

Stella Cox’s eyes color are Brown

How tall is Stella Cox ?

5′ 4″

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Stella Cox’s Videos

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Stella Cox’s videos on HDTubez

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Stella Cox’s videos on ELESBO

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