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Sofia Rose

Who is the Sofia Rose?

The legendary Sofia Rose refers to herself as the “Ultimate BBW Porn Star,” and one look at her all-natural 38JJ big tits will show you why! This body positive MILF is the #1 downloaded plumper on the internet and an international fetish model who has been shooting porn and catching loads for years. Since her debut as an erotic glamour model in late 2006, Sofia has risen steadily in popularity, and set the bar for plus-sized pornstars worldwide. If you’re into thick thighs, massive tits, and big booty babes, don’t miss your chance to get a kiss from Sofia Rose in the videos below!

Sofia Rose interested Guys and Girls

What job does Sofia Rose have?

Sofia Rose’s profession is Pornstar

When is Sofia Rose’s birthday?

July 24th, 1975

Does Sofia Rose Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Sofia Rose

Where Sofia Rose is from ?

Sofia Rose is from United States

What is Sofia Rose’s ethnic background ?

Sofia Rose’s ethnic background is Latina

What color are Sofia Rose’s eyes ?

Sofia Rose’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Sofia Rose’s hair ?

Sofia Rose’s eyes color are Brown

How tall is Sofia Rose ?

5′ 7″

Does Sofia Rose Have a Twitter account?


Does Sofia Rose Have a Onlyfans account?


Does Sofia Rose Have a official website ?


What are Sofia Rose biggest turn-ons?

good hygiene

Sofia Rose’s Videos

Sofia Rose’s videos on CaliPornos

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Sofia Rose’s videos on Youjizz

Sofia Rose’s videos on Tubepornz

Sofia Rose’s videos on HDTubez

Sofia Rose’s videos on Pornsug

Sofia Rose’s videos on ELESBO

Sofia Rose’s Pictures

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