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Silvia Saige

Who is the Silvia Saige?

Throughout her twenties, Silvia Saige pursued her first passion in stand-up comedy all throughout the Midwest. But after moving out to Los Angeles to play to bigger venues, a friend’s success in the adult industry showed her the light. Silvia realized she had the good looks and the sexual energy to make it in the big time, and the rest is history. What’s Silvia’s secret for looking so hot and fit? This Milf hits the gym five days a week, and never misses a workout. It also doesn’t hurt that Silvia makes time to have sex as much as humanly possible, to keep her skin glowing and smooth. When she gets horny, she doesn’t like to wait for relief, she goes out and grabs it by the balls. As she describes her sexual appetite, “I’m all about the raw emotion of sex. I love the ‘can’t wait until you get inside’ moment in sex.”

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What job does Silvia Saige have?

Silvia Saige’s profession is Pornstar

When is Silvia Saige’s birthday?

March 5th, 1984

Does Silvia Saige Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Silvia Saige, Savanah Sage

Where Silvia Saige is from ?

Silvia Saige is from United States

What is Silvia Saige’s ethnic background ?

Silvia Saige’s ethnic background is Caucasian

How tall is Silvia Saige ?

5′ 7″

Does Silvia Saige Have a official website ?


What are Silvia Saige biggest turn-ons?

I love a man with good shoulders! Success is sexy… Funny Thoughtful

Silvia Saige’s Videos

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