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Shrima Malati

Who is the Shrima Malati?

Shrima Malati is the kind of girl that you constantly wanna have around, thanks to her good looks and peachy tits. Born in Ukraine on June 21, this adorable babe with big brown eyes and dark hair is eager to unleash her full sucking and riding power on a hard cock and wait for its boner milk with her mouth wide open, every time she is on movie set. After making a name for herself, as a real anal slut, there’s no wonder that straight cock in pussy is like a stroll through the park for this cock addicted tramp.

Shrima Malati interested Guys and Girls

What job does Shrima Malati have?

Shrima Malati’s profession is Pornstar

When is Shrima Malati’s birthday?

June 21, 1988

Does Shrima Malati Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Sima, Vega, Sima A, Sima B, Haley

Where Shrima Malati is from ?

Shrima Malati is from Ukraine

What is Shrima Malati’s ethnic background ?

Shrima Malati’s ethnic background is Caucasian

Does Shrima Malati Have a official website ?


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Shrima Malati’s Pictures

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