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Sabina Rouge

Who is the Sabina Rouge?

Red hot glamour model Sabina Rouge got her start in smut by playing in webcam chatrooms, but this adorable true lesbian was quickly noticed and whisked away to the silver screen. Having been obsessed with women for as long as she remembered, Sabina says that she finds women “glorious,” and one look at the perky tits and round ass and you’d be hard-pressed to disagree! In addition to her love for pussy, Sabina reveals that she also has another fetish: fucking machines! “For some reason I just love the fuck machines. I love would to do something like that, just being tied down and pinned and being fucked by this fuck machine.” You might get to see her dreams come true someday in the videos below, so stay tuned!

Sabina Rouge interested Guys and Girls

What job does Sabina Rouge have?

Sabina Rouge’s profession is Pornstar

When is Sabina Rouge’s birthday?

June 6th, 1997

Where Sabina Rouge is from ?

Sabina Rouge is from United States

What is Sabina Rouge’s ethnic background ?

Sabina Rouge’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What color are Sabina Rouge’s eyes ?

Sabina Rouge’s eyes color are Green

What color is Sabina Rouge’s hair ?

Sabina Rouge’s eyes color are Red

How tall is Sabina Rouge ?

5′ 4″

Does Sabina Rouge Have a Twitter account?


Does Sabina Rouge Have a Instagram account?


Does Sabina Rouge Have a official website ?


What are Sabina Rouge biggest turn-ons?

Naturally Im a sapiosexual hehe But I love being a fantasy, I want every man or woman to cum to me. Thats such a turn on for me.

Sabina Rouge’s Videos

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Sabina Rouge’s Pictures

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