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Rico Simmons

Who is the Rico Simmons?

French-born Rico Simmons is a socially conscious stud and award worthy male performer. He was nominated for a Hot d’Or award and in 2016 he was nominated for an AVN Award for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Product. A handsome, well-educated gentleman, Mr. Simmons puts both of his heads to work on a regular basis, and has been working in the adult industry since 2006. "It’s not just about fucking girls," says Simmons, who states that his favorite parts of being a pornstar are the freedom it entails and the care-free atmosphere. A man that enjoys a wide variety of cultures and styles, Simmons’ musical tastes range from classic rock like Paul McCartney to heavy metal like Marilyn Manson. He’s got a big dick, a chiseled physique, and a prominent jaw; it’s no wonder Rico Simmons has been driving the ladies wild for well over a decade!

Rico Simmons interested Girls

What job does Rico Simmons have?

Rico Simmons’s profession is PornStar

When is Rico Simmons’s birthday?

September 16th, 1976

Where Rico Simmons is from ?

Rico Simmons is from Paris, France

How tall is Rico Simmons ?

5′ 5″

Does Rico Simmons Have a official website ?


Rico Simmons’s Videos

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