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Who is the Renato?

Budapest-born star Renato is a rebel, but he definitely has a very good cause: giving erotic thrills to the hottest babes in Europe! Renato loves to emulate fifties idol James Dean by indulging his love of vintage cars and rockabilly fashion, and this bad boy often poses for behind-the-scenes pics wearing his signature mirrored aviator shades. But when Renato decided to chase his own fame and become an actor, he chose not to follow in the footsteps of his hero and set out for the bright lights of Hollywood. Instead, this stud realized he’d have a lot more fun in the adult film business, much to the joy of porn aficionados worldwide! With his love of the party lifestyle and his weakness for big butts, not to mention his defined muscles and big, rock-hard cock, Renato has fit right in since his debut in 1999. He’s quickly become one of Europe’s most in-demand male performers, starring in hundreds of scenes and showing no signs of slowing down! So grab a bucket of popcorn and settle in to watch this giant of the adult industry take his costars east of Eden!

What job does Renato have?

Renato’s profession is PornStar

When is Renato’s birthday?

August 23rd, 1974

Where Renato is from ?

Renato is from Hungary

How tall is Renato ?


Does Renato Have a official website ?


Renato’s Videos

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