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Proxy Paige

Who is the Proxy Paige?

Proxy Paige looks like any other young girl, beautiful, with a bright smile and no worry in the entire world but she is one Hardcore slut in the adult entertainment industry. Born on the 15th of May 1989 in North Dakota, Proxy Paige is mostly known for her anal loving personality which she takes to the extreme. Fisting, huge toys, ass licking, you ca find it all with this punk chick. She is of French and Russian descent which must have something to do with her personality.Started her career in 2010, she has twenty piercings all over her body. She can fit a lot of things inside that small body of hers from custom made gigantic dildos to cans, tubes, pipes, bats and many other things. Doing enemas and trying out some pretty rough anal is also part of her repertoire. Hanging out with jocks in high school also helped her develop her strong sexual side. Always a trouble maker and attending some wild parties, she has a lot of good stories. In her free time she skates so there is just no stopping this girl from adventure. She can’t go a day without giving herself an orgasm so she always ends up masturbating when there is no cock around for her.

Proxy Paige interested Guys and Girls

What job does Proxy Paige have?

Proxy Paige’s profession is Pornstar

When is Proxy Paige’s birthday?

May 19th, 1989

Does Proxy Paige Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Proxy Paige (Real Name: Naomi Field)

Where Proxy Paige is from ?

Proxy Paige is from United States

What is Proxy Paige’s ethnic background ?

Proxy Paige’s ethnic background is Caucasian

How tall is Proxy Paige ?

5′ 4″

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Does Proxy Paige Have a official website ?


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