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Who is the OmankoVivi?

Crude, Rude n Lewd!!! (♡°ω°♡) Vivi!! Cosplaying Yandere Ahegao Princess who enjoys doing shamelessly naughty things while also dominating the entire world with Her cuteness~!!!! The kind of gal you either want to slap or squeeze! I spend most of my time online playing games or making the cutest pr0nz evarrrrr! 101% positive drive and attitude 25/7.

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What are OmankoVivi biggest turn-ons?

Daddy Types, money, nice arms, scruff, mean eyes, warm bodies, accents, sharp teeth, goth people, people who can lift me up and hit me~.

OmankoVivi’s Videos

OmankoVivi’s videos on CaliPornos

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OmankoVivi’s videos on Tubepornz

OmankoVivi’s videos on HDTubez

OmankoVivi’s videos on Pornsug

OmankoVivi’s videos on ELESBO

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