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Nyxi Leon

Who is the Nyxi Leon?

There are lots of great shemales that look really exotic and out there, but some of the best shemales disguise their inner sluttiness by looking sweet and innocent – Nyxi Leon is exactly that. This 21 year old shemale has pale white skin and small tits. Her long brown hair beautifully frames her brown eyes that make her look so innocent. Then, there’s her cock – it is a long thin cock that is circumsized, not uncut. The bottom line, Nyxi Leon looks sweet and innocent – until you see how much of a dirty slut she is in her scenes. The key to Nyxi Leon’s scenes is seeing what she does with girls – she is quite the dominant shemale. She makes the girls suck her cock and has no problem blowing a load on their faces. She also will shove her cock right up the ass of all her partners – male or female. There are solo scenes as well, where Nyxi Leon is jerking off and blowing her load all over herself. The reality is while Nyxi Leon may look sweet and innocent, she is all about having a wild time with her partners or herself without any reservation.

What job does Nyxi Leon have?

Nyxi Leon’s profession is Pornstar

When is Nyxi Leon’s birthday?

2 August, 1998

Where Nyxi Leon is from ?

Nyxi Leon is from United States

What is Nyxi Leon’s ethnic background ?

Nyxi Leon’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What is the zodiac sign of Nyxi Leon


What color are Nyxi Leon’s eyes ?

Nyxi Leon’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Nyxi Leon’s hair ?

Nyxi Leon’s eyes color are Black

How tall is Nyxi Leon ?

160 cm (5’2″)

Does Nyxi Leon Have a Twitter account?


Does Nyxi Leon Have a official website ?


Nyxi Leon’s Videos

Nyxi Leon’s videos on JizzGay

Nyxi Leon’s videos on PornForGay

Nyxi Leon’s videos on PornForGay

Nyxi Leon’s Pictures

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