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Mone Divine

Who is the Mone Divine?

PornStar Legend and #1 Redbone Mone Divine A.K.A (Monet Devine, Mone Devine) was born in San Diego, Ca July 22,1981 under the Real name Maria Maitin, where she grew up and later moved to Las Vegas. She began exotic dancing under the alias Mone and attended her first porn convention soon after. an AVN convention she was approached and introduced to the idea of being on film and thus at the tender age of 23 Mone Divine was born. Mone is Currently 32 years old , 5'0 tall and 126 pounds. Although she is often labeled as ebony or black she is actually of Puerto Rican and Irish decent. With over 500 scenes and over 60 Box Covers , Mone Divine was possibly one of the hardest working Redbones besides her good friend and P.I.C Jazmine Cashmere both known for arguably the best blow job scene ever and definitely best Bj scene never nominated or formally given an award. Mone Divine's Bubble butt All-Stars went on to sell over a million units/downloads solidifying her place as Porn Star royalty and a household n

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What job does Mone Divine have?

Mone Divine’s profession is Pornstar

When is Mone Divine’s birthday?

22 July 1981

Does Mone Divine Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Monet Devine

Where Mone Divine is from ?

Mone Divine is from United States

What is Mone Divine’s ethnic background ?

Mone Divine’s ethnic background is Latina

What color are Mone Divine’s eyes ?

Mone Divine’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Mone Divine’s hair ?

Mone Divine’s eyes color are Black

How tall is Mone Divine ?


What size bra does Mone Divine wear?


Does Mone Divine Have a official website ?


Mone Divine’s Videos

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