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Misha Maver

Who is the Misha Maver?

When a couple of Misha Maver’s friends tried filming a few porn scenes, they returned to her with tales of fun fucking and plentiful orgasms. Her curiosity piqued, Misha decided to find out for herself, and found her one true calling! Misha loves sex, and loves to reminisce about her first experience getting her tits sucked and ass fucked by several men at once, an experience she claimed was like losing her virginity all over again! This educated babe has several degrees, so after she finishes pleasing a stud’s hard cock, she can please their mind too with art, poetry, and even lessons about business! Sound good? Well get down to business with Misha Maver in the videos below.

Misha Maver interested Guys and Girls

What job does Misha Maver have?

Misha Maver’s profession is Pornstar

When is Misha Maver’s birthday?

June 12, 1999, in West Virginia, USA

Where Misha Maver is from ?

Misha Maver is from Russia

What is Misha Maver’s ethnic background ?

Misha Maver’s ethnic background is Caucasian

How tall is Misha Maver ?

5′ 5″

Does Misha Maver Have a official website ?


Misha Maver’s Videos

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