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Mike Mancini

Who is the Mike Mancini?

Mike Mancini’s favorite place in the whole world is the ball park, but whether his team wins or loses, when it comes to running bases, this gorgeous guy always makes it home. But don’t worry ladies, Mike isn’t one of those guys that takes a gal out only to ignore her while he watches sports. Mr. Mancini is the ultimate gentlemen, seducing his dates with his exceptional taste. Fancying himself a bit of a gourmet, this handsome hunk always knows the best spot to grab a bite, impressing the ladies as he scans the menu like a pro. But more importantly than being sophisticated and smart, Mike is a passionate and attentive lover. This rugged hunk’s smooth style is a welcome change from all the jack-hammers of porn, making him an instant favorite among the female talent, and giving him the leg up on the competition.

Mike Mancini interested Girls

What job does Mike Mancini have?

Mike Mancini’s profession is PornStar

When is Mike Mancini’s birthday?

July 1st, 1986

Where Mike Mancini is from ?

Mike Mancini is from New York City, New York

How tall is Mike Mancini ?

6′ 1″

Does Mike Mancini Have a official website ?


Mike Mancini’s Videos

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