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Michelle Anderson

Who is the Michelle Anderson?

Cute teen Michelle Anderson is so sexy, she even seduces herself! This petite babe with the gorgeous face and massive booty jokes that she has epic sexual tension with the mirror every time she walks by. With such a hot body and oh-so-shakeable ass, who wouldn’t find themselves seduced when Michelle turns her steamy gaze on them? Take one look at Michelle in her hot scenes and you’ll agree that this giggly sweetheart has you wrapped around her little finger.

Michelle Anderson interested Guys and Girls

What job does Michelle Anderson have?

Michelle Anderson’s profession is Pornstar

When is Michelle Anderson’s birthday?

May 2nd, 2001

Where Michelle Anderson is from ?

Michelle Anderson is from Raleigh, North Carolina

How tall is Michelle Anderson ?

5′ 3″

Does Michelle Anderson Have a official website ?


What are Michelle Anderson biggest turn-ons?

Sucking dick, Being fingerd, being dominated, being fucked HARD

Michelle Anderson’s Videos

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Michelle Anderson’s Pictures

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