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Melody Wylde

Who is the Melody Wylde?

You found me <3 thank you. Now we can both revel in our twisted and wholesome fantasies together! I did not enter this industry nearly as prepared as I thought I had been- but as an older, wiser, and more informed entertainer I am ready to come back and make more content. There were definitely times when the stigma had become overwhelming. Despite my past or what may or may not have led me here, this is my bed, and it's here to stay- so I might as well lay in it and make the best of it. I will always be a parent first, and the modeling work I do does not change my achievements as a hard-working individual and as an overachiever with anything I dive into. I look forward to supporting your fantasies and providing you services WITHIN my boundaries from here on out. In exchange, please support my livelihood- thank you. XOXO I see more progressive attitudes every day and I think destigmatization is on its way. With honesty & understanding.

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