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Mary Jean

Who is the Mary Jean?

“I’m into just grabbing a guy’s dick. I’ll ask them before I do, but I’ll do it,” says Mary Jean, a beauty with an unforgettable booty. In fact, Mary Jean’s big butt is so very round, thick, and juicy that it’s made it hard for her to find clothes that fit her properly! And with her come-hither stare and big tits to match, it’s no wonder why this buxom babe from the Bronx has become such a big success in such a short amount of time. Mary has appeared on the pages of the biggest men’s magazines magazines, on countless radio programs and podcasts, and even in the music video for the DJ Whoo Kid and Vado track, “The Leak.” A Paul Mitchell Beauty School graduate, Mary Jean knows a thing or two about looking good, and was initially discovered while dancing at a Manhattan area strip club. Citing Jackie Kennedy and Anna Nicole Smith as her biggest influences, Mary Jean is a curvy babe who knows the important of brains AND beauty, so make sure not to miss a second of her incredible sexy videos!

What job does Mary Jean have?

Mary Jean’s profession is Pornstar

When is Mary Jean’s birthday?

August 19th, 1989

Does Mary Jean Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. MaryJean

Where Mary Jean is from ?

Mary Jean is from Bronx, NY

What is Mary Jean’s ethnic background ?

Mary Jean’s ethnic background is Latina

What is the zodiac sign of Mary Jean


What color are Mary Jean’s eyes ?

Mary Jean’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Mary Jean’s hair ?

Mary Jean’s eyes color are Brunette

How tall is Mary Jean ?

5′ 4″

What size bra does Mary Jean wear?


Does Mary Jean Have a official website ?


Mary Jean’s Videos

Mary Jean’s videos on CaliPornos

Mary Jean’s videos on Jizzyes

Mary Jean’s videos on Youjizz

Mary Jean’s videos on Tubepornz

Mary Jean’s videos on HDTubez

Mary Jean’s videos on Pornsug

Mary Jean’s videos on ELESBO

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