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Marie Luv

Who is the Marie Luv?

This fit and bitchy Queen knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to tell you where to go and how to do it. A hard-working pornstar with a rare tenacity in the sex industry, Marie Luv started hardcore in 2000 and has never looked back. Her love of a good, satisfying fuck outweighed many other considerations, and for much of her career she was never interested in girl on girl action, because quite frankly, it didn’t include a real serving of dick. Only recently, along with her directorial debut, has she begun to experiment with enjoying another lady in the sack to share. Having won the 2007 AVN Award for Best Group Sex Scene and the 2010 XRCO Award for Unsung Siren, Marie Luv is a classic sex Goddess and is still going strong.

Marie Luv interested Guys and Girls

What job does Marie Luv have?

Marie Luv’s profession is Pornstar

When is Marie Luv’s birthday?

November 1st, 1981

Does Marie Luv Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Marie Love, Marie Luve, Destiny Big, Marcie Luv, Destiny

Where Marie Luv is from ?

Marie Luv is from United States

What is Marie Luv’s ethnic background ?

Marie Luv’s ethnic background is Black

What is the zodiac sign of Marie Luv


What color are Marie Luv’s eyes ?

Marie Luv’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Marie Luv’s hair ?

Marie Luv’s eyes color are Brunette

How tall is Marie Luv ?

5′ 8″

What size bra does Marie Luv wear?


Does Marie Luv Have a official website ?


Marie Luv’s Videos

Marie Luv’s videos on CaliPornos

Marie Luv’s videos on Jizzyes

Marie Luv’s videos on Youjizz

Marie Luv’s videos on Tubepornz

Marie Luv’s videos on HDTubez

Marie Luv’s videos on Pornsug

Marie Luv’s videos on ELESBO

Marie Luv’s Pictures

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