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Marco Banderas

Who is the Marco Banderas?

What would be the Spanish translation for “porn stallion?” Marco Banderas is notorious for all kinds of swaggering feats of virility, such as managing to get his cock rock hard to film seven scenes in one day, or cumming fifty times in a week. This South American dude was born and grew up in Uruguay, but moved to Spain for fifteen years to sing professionally. Despite relocating again to the United States for an adult film career that spans more than 1000 scenes, he does everything he can to maintain his ties to Latin America. For example, Marco has released a number of Spanish-language pop singles, some even dealing with his life as a porn star! When he isn’t pounding pussy on set, Marco trains to maintain his stacked physique, plays with his dog, and loves to finish the day splashing around with a hottie in his outdoor pool. No wonder Marco jokes he’s living “la vida porna.”

Marco Banderas interested Girls

What job does Marco Banderas have?

Marco Banderas’s profession is PornStar

When is Marco Banderas’s birthday?


Where Marco Banderas is from ?

Marco Banderas is from Uruguay

How tall is Marco Banderas ?

6′ 2″

Does Marco Banderas Have a official website ?


Marco Banderas’s Videos

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