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Luna Corazon

Who is the Luna Corazon?

Luna Corazon is a young ebony Brazilian beauty born on March 24. She has curly black hair and a perfect slim body with a round small ass and perky small tits. Although a newbie, she gives her best in a solo performance for “Quest for Orgasm”. She is there for a sensual masturbation with her own hands and delicious vibrators. She can be seen fucking in other productions, making the most out of a good hard cock.

Luna Corazon interested Guys and Girls

What job does Luna Corazon have?

Luna Corazon’s profession is Pornstar

When is Luna Corazon’s birthday?

February 6, 1984 – Oregon, U.S

Does Luna Corazon Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Luna Corazon, Luna Corazón, LunaCo, Luna C, Bruna Rocha

Where Luna Corazon is from ?

Luna Corazon is from Brazil

What is Luna Corazon’s ethnic background ?

Luna Corazon’s ethnic background is Mixed-race

What color are Luna Corazon’s eyes ?

Luna Corazon’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Luna Corazon’s hair ?

Luna Corazon’s eyes color are Black

How tall is Luna Corazon ?

5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

Does Luna Corazon Have a Twitter account?


Does Luna Corazon Have a Instagram account?


Does Luna Corazon Have a Youtube account?


Does Luna Corazon Have a official website ?


What are Luna Corazon biggest turn-ons?

Piss and lots of kisses.

Luna Corazon’s Videos

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Luna Corazon’s Pictures

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