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Lexi Luna

Who is the Lexi Luna?

Lexi Luna’s celestial body is changing the tide of the adult industry. Originally hailing from Florida, Lexi grew up striving to be the very best, be it at school, in dance, or later in life, in the bedroom. Of course, Lexi has always harbored secret sexual desires that were more risque than her friends; delicious perversions that she now embraces openly and without fear. And whether it’s masturbating to the steely muscles of bodybuilders, worshiping the long, fat cocks of her male co-stars and private fuck partners, or exploring the bondage and submission lifestyle as an active mistress, Lexi is all about pushing the human body to its limits and lusting over the results. One look at this vivacious new vixen’s scenes, and you will be pushed to your own limits of desire.

Lexi Luna interested Guys and Girls

What job does Lexi Luna have?

Lexi Luna’s profession is Pornstar

When is Lexi Luna’s birthday?

March 14th, 1989

Does Lexi Luna Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Lexi Luna, Lexi Lune

Where Lexi Luna is from ?

Lexi Luna is from United States

What is Lexi Luna’s ethnic background ?

Lexi Luna’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What color are Lexi Luna’s eyes ?

Lexi Luna’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Lexi Luna’s hair ?

Lexi Luna’s eyes color are Brown

How tall is Lexi Luna ?

5′ 7″

Does Lexi Luna Have a Twitter account?


Does Lexi Luna Have a official website ?


Lexi Luna’s Videos

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Lexi Luna’s videos on ELESBO

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