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Leigh Raven

Who is the Leigh Raven?

She may have been a recluse in school, but these days Leigh Raven loves being the center of attention. Whether it’s dousing her skin in fresh ink or taking the biggest cocks in porn, she will do anything to have all eyes on her. She first got a taste of the limelight at 18, when she started modelling professionally. After appearing in magazines as varied as INKED and Marie Claire, and even in TV ads for Apple, Leigh decided to take her talents towards her personal tastes, which have always included porn. Leigh is married to the gorgeous Nikki Hearts, a fellow pornstar who she credits with being her “guide” to the business. Their life together – a focus of their online antics – is the height of adorable marital bliss, and is almost as entertaining as the hot movies they make together. Leigh may live and love on the wilder side of life, but she has already become a crossover hit, appearing in music videos like “Heavy Love” by Man Overboard. It just seems everyone wants a piece of Leigh Raven, which is just fine by her.

Leigh Raven interested Guys and Girls

What job does Leigh Raven have?

Leigh Raven’s profession is Pornstar

When is Leigh Raven’s birthday?

November 28th, 1992

Does Leigh Raven Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Amanda Woods, Leigh Raven Suicide

Where Leigh Raven is from ?

Leigh Raven is from United States

What is Leigh Raven’s ethnic background ?

Leigh Raven’s ethnic background is Caucasian

How tall is Leigh Raven ?

5′ 8″

Does Leigh Raven Have a official website ?


What are Leigh Raven biggest turn-ons?

Sense of humor, a nice smile and a good set of hands.

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