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Lance Hart

Who is the Lance Hart?

Lance Hart is just about the perfect man. Funny, handsome, and a successful entrepreneur, he’s also one of the most hardworking adult film performers in the biz, shooting a little bit of everything since his debut in 2008. Although Lance considers himself mostly straight but very open-minded, he loves sucking cock and pleasing all his gay fans, adding, “Gay BDSM has made me the man I am today.” After over a decade in the porn industry, Lance is still as thrilled as ever to go in to work every day because he thinks his job is just about perfect. “I literally play dress-up and cum on people for a living!”

Lance Hart interested Guys and Girls

What job does Lance Hart have?

Lance Hart’s profession is Pornstar

Where Lance Hart is from ?

Lance Hart is from Tampa, FL

How tall is Lance Hart ?

5′ 8″

Does Lance Hart Have a official website ?


Lance Hart’s Videos

Lance Hart’s videos on JizzGay

Lance Hart’s videos on PornForGay

Lance Hart’s videos on PornForGay

Lance Hart’s Pictures

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