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Lala Ivey

Who is the Lala Ivey?

If you like your women slippery, wet, and wild, jump into the shower with award-winning babe Lala Ivey. Lala loves water and has a tub/shower fetish. In fact, this liquid-loving starlet’s fantasy scene would be an all-girl orgy waterfall scene. But she doesn’t only love the feel of fluid on her skin; she loves it inside of her flawless body too. The first time Lala ever sucked dick was in a closet at a house party, and she was so into it that she swallowed down the thick load. When she isn’t listening to the sounds of the waves, Lala likes to play piano and dance to the rhythm of her inner freak. Be prepared to be flooded with feelings when you check out Lala Ivey’s booty in the scenes below!

Lala Ivey interested Guys and Girls

What job does Lala Ivey have?

Lala Ivey’s profession is Pornstar

When is Lala Ivey’s birthday?


Does Lala Ivey Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Lala Ivey

Where Lala Ivey is from ?

Lala Ivey is from Chicago

How tall is Lala Ivey ?

5′ 7″

Does Lala Ivey Have a Twitter account?


Does Lala Ivey Have a Instagram account?


Does Lala Ivey Have a official website ?


Lala Ivey’s Videos

Lala Ivey’s videos on CaliPornos

Lala Ivey’s videos on Jizzyes

Lala Ivey’s videos on Youjizz

Lala Ivey’s videos on Tubepornz

Lala Ivey’s videos on HDTubez

Lala Ivey’s videos on Pornsug

Lala Ivey’s videos on ELESBO

Lala Ivey’s Pictures

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