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Korina Kova

Who is the Korina Kova?

A big boobed model and content creator, Korina Kova is a busty babe, and deepthroating size queen! This award winning model creates and publishes most of her own smut, coming up with concepts and fantasies to cater to even the most depraved of perverts. With huge 32G tits and a big booty, Korina never shys away from massive sex toys, big cocks, and especially loves giving sloppy blowjobs! A self-made star who has been making waves in adult entertainment, you’re not going to want to miss this pro playing with her pretty pussy!

Korina Kova interested Guys and Girls

What job does Korina Kova have?

Korina Kova’s profession is Pornstar

When is Korina Kova’s birthday?

October 14th, 1987

Where Korina Kova is from ?

Korina Kova is from Canada

What is Korina Kova’s ethnic background ?

Korina Kova’s ethnic background is Caucasian

How tall is Korina Kova ?

5′ 3″

Does Korina Kova Have a official website ?


Korina Kova’s Videos

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