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Jovan Jordan

Who is the Jovan Jordan?

When you’re tall and buff enough to be a professional athlete, good looking enough to be a male model, and ambitious enough to want it all, what career path would you choose? Well, if you’re hung like Jovan Jordan, the answer should be obvious: you build yourself a porn empire, one satisfied slut at a time! Despite only getting into the industry in 2013, this entrepreneurial self-starter has had his eyes on the prize from the very beginning. And what’s the prize, you ask? Why, his very own pornographic production studio, of course! By focusing on learning everything he could and ensuring he performed at his very best every time the camera was pointed at him, Jovan has made a substantial impact in a short amount of time in the industry, being nominated for ‘Best Male Newcomer’ at the AVN Awards, the XRCO Awards, and even the XBIZ Awards for 2014! So if you want to get in on the ground floor of porn’s next big male star and you like big cock, make sure you check out Jovan Jordan!

Jovan Jordan interested Girls

What job does Jovan Jordan have?

Jovan Jordan’s profession is PornStar

When is Jovan Jordan’s birthday?

October 7th, 1985

Where Jovan Jordan is from ?

Jovan Jordan is from Gary, IN

How tall is Jovan Jordan ?

6′ 6″

Does Jovan Jordan Have a official website ?


Jovan Jordan’s Videos

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Jovan Jordan’s videos on HDTubez

Jovan Jordan’s videos on Pornsug

Jovan Jordan’s videos on ELESBO

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