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Jon Jon

Who is the Jon Jon?

If you want to roll with the best, you’ve got to be the best, says Jon Jon. This black porn star has the swagger and the pussy-pounding expertise to back up a claim like that. But when you’ve got a huge dick, a chiseled body, and you spit rhymes off the top of your head, you’re allowed to be the cock of the walk. A black mamba like his, and the bold attitude to slay biddies with it, are the perfect recipe for cooking up the best porn scenes. He got into the porn industry when a fuck-buddy of his recommended he join her on set, and his epic career snowballed from there.

Jon Jon interested Girls

What job does Jon Jon have?

Jon Jon’s profession is PornStar

When is Jon Jon’s birthday?

April 30th, 1981

Where Jon Jon is from ?

Jon Jon is from United States

How tall is Jon Jon ?

6′ 3″

Does Jon Jon Have a official website ?


Jon Jon’s Videos

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