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Jayda Diamonde

Who is the Jayda Diamonde?

Born in Kansas City, MO, and raised in Orlando, FL, Jayda Diamonde held a variety of jobs as a young woman. The one that might surprise you most is the gig she had at Magic Kingdom. From Disney to self-titled ‘Queen of the Extreme Insertions’, she has followed quite the career path. She didn’t travel straight from wholesome to porno, though. She quit Disney to start stripping in Orlando. A hot blonde with a wispy body and big 34C tits, Jayda was a knockout on the pole. Erotic dancing was so natural to her that she made the jump to the big leagues and started shooting porn in no time. A firecracker on camera, her porno experiences led her to explore and push herself to new levels. She became known for stuffing giant toys into her twat and asshole. “I’ve always been a little sexpot, always willing to try new things at a moment’s notice,” explains Jayda. “I love the feeling of having my holes filled to capacity and the huge toys just grew out of that. I’ve always loved anal and it makes me cum so fast and hard.” Lately, Jayda’s appeared in some mainstream acting roles and has been focusing less on professional porn and more on her camming and homemade smut. Long live the queen!

What job does Jayda Diamonde have?

Jayda Diamonde’s profession is Pornstar

When is Jayda Diamonde’s birthday?

13 May 1986

Does Jayda Diamonde Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Jayda Diamonds, Jayda Diamond, Jayda ATK

Where Jayda Diamonde is from ?

Jayda Diamonde is from United States

What is Jayda Diamonde’s ethnic background ?

Jayda Diamonde’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What color are Jayda Diamonde’s eyes ?

Jayda Diamonde’s eyes color are Green

What color is Jayda Diamonde’s hair ?

Jayda Diamonde’s eyes color are Blonde

How tall is Jayda Diamonde ?


What size bra does Jayda Diamonde wear?


Does Jayda Diamonde Have a official website ?


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