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Jamie French

Who is the Jamie French?

When you first look at shemale stunner Jamie French, who also sometimes goes by Jamie Coxx, you may be under the impression that she looks like a sweet girl. After all, the cutie’s from Dallas, Texas—where all good girls come from—and she’s a Cancer. She’s also got a tight little body, gorgeous white skin, pretty but tiny tits, and a cute, slender dick. But you may be surprised to learn that this skinny babe is actually pretty naughty. While she usually sports brown hair, which is probably her natural color, she’s also known to go bleach blonde. But more importantly, she’s such a size queen, and she loves taking on a dominant role. Don’t be surprised to see this 39-year-old tranny bouncing on a fake cock the size of your forearm or donning leather to toy with a strapped sub. While this tranny vixen usually likes to be in control, using her dick to make women and shemales alike scream with pleasure, she’s all about having her tiny hole stretched, too. If it’s not a thick toy or vibrator making her crazy, it’s going to be a dude or ladyboy’s prick that’s dicking her deep. While this babe is on the mature side, she’s got the body and stamina of a young slut, and there’s no cock that she will turn down.

Jamie French interested Guys and Girls

What job does Jamie French have?

Jamie French’s profession is Pornstar

When is Jamie French’s birthday?

3 July, 1980

Where Jamie French is from ?

Jamie French is from United States

What is Jamie French’s ethnic background ?

Jamie French’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What is the zodiac sign of Jamie French


What color are Jamie French’s eyes ?

Jamie French’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Jamie French’s hair ?

Jamie French’s eyes color are Blonde

How tall is Jamie French ?

177 cm

Does Jamie French Have a Twitter account?


Does Jamie French Have a official website ?


What are Jamie French biggest turn-ons?


Jamie French’s Videos

Jamie French’s videos on JizzGay

Jamie French’s videos on PornForGay

Jamie French’s videos on PornForGay

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