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Jaclyn Taylor

Who is the Jaclyn Taylor?

It should come as no surprise that Jaclyn Taylor got her start in the adult industry as a glamor model. This brunette babe is stacked where it counts, with a beautifully big pair of boobs you’ll want to bury your face between. But when Jaclyn realized she could be naked and also have all kinds of filthy fun on camera, she sought out Brazzers to shoot a B/G scene with Keiran Lee. Since the first time she stripped naked for the camera, Jaclyn knew she had found her dream job. In no time, Jaclyn was offered the chance to model in body paint at the Playboy Mansion and appear in music videos for mega-stars like CeeLo Green. The fans can’t get enough, as Jaclyn has amassed a legion of horny fans of her print and internet appearances! Feast your eyes on Jaclyn’s super-sexy office sex fantasy, as she goes completely wild on Keiran’s cock, and shows you she’s not just beautiful, she’s also a demon in the sack!

Jaclyn Taylor interested Guys and Girls

What job does Jaclyn Taylor have?

Jaclyn Taylor’s profession is Pornstar

When is Jaclyn Taylor’s birthday?

February 15th, 1988

Does Jaclyn Taylor Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Jaclyn Taylor

Where Jaclyn Taylor is from ?

Jaclyn Taylor is from United States

What is Jaclyn Taylor’s ethnic background ?

Jaclyn Taylor’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What is the zodiac sign of Jaclyn Taylor


What color are Jaclyn Taylor’s eyes ?

Jaclyn Taylor’s eyes color are Green

What color is Jaclyn Taylor’s hair ?

Jaclyn Taylor’s eyes color are Brown

How tall is Jaclyn Taylor ?

5′ 3″

What size bra does Jaclyn Taylor wear?


Does Jaclyn Taylor Have a Facebook account?


Does Jaclyn Taylor Have a Twitter account?


Does Jaclyn Taylor Have a Instagram account?


Does Jaclyn Taylor Have a Snapchat account?


Does Jaclyn Taylor Have a official website ?


What are Jaclyn Taylor biggest turn-ons?

Huge turn ons for me, are confidence, Man or Woman, you must be confident, and be sure of yourself. Big feet is a plus 😉

Jaclyn Taylor’s Videos

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