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Jack Ripher

Who is the Jack Ripher?

Starting out his professional life as a member of the United States Department of Defense in the early 2000's. Jack spent much of his time traveling the world – spending multiple years overseas visiting and living in over a dozen countries. Following a successful career with the Department of Defense, Jack decided to pursue other opportunities, Co-Founding a high end women's clothing company based in Los Angeles in 2009. During this same period also working towards dual bachelors of science in business and political science. After reaching a certain level of success Jack decided to completely switch gears and become a vagabond, riding all over the west-coast of the United States by way of his Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In early 2017 Jack decided the trappings of a successful corporate career would never appeal to him again, instead deciding to find himself a new home within the adult industry.

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