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Ivy Brooks

Who is the Ivy Brooks?

I started in the sex industry soon after turning 19, when I started stripping in California. I had never even thought about the industry as an option before my friend jokingly suggested that I start stripping to pay for the tattoo on my right thigh. I didn't realize he was joking, and I auditioned at a local club the next day. I stripped in clubs for years and I loved it. However my flirtation with the industry came to a sudden halt when I decided to get married and attempt a more conventional lifestyle. In 2013 I tried my hand at vanilla jobs for the first time ever; I wore clothes to work and had brown hair for 3 strange years. Despite having a good husband and a thriving career in real estate, the hoe life was calling. On July 4th, 2016 (Independence Day) I left my husband and my life immediately returned to the beautiful -storm that I thought I had permanently left behind. Shortly afterward, I dyed my hair, quit my job, gave up my apartment, and moved to Las Vegas. Living in Sin City, I now primarily webcam and make porn. I still strip, but only for private events. More importantly, my life is back to being insane, uncertain, and free.

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