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Heather Vahn

Who is the Heather Vahn?

What do you get when you mix Native American, French, and Hispanic origins? Heather Vahn’s sultry exotic beauty gives her a unique look that’s not easily forgotten, and after you check out those cum-worthy all-natural curves of hers, you’re sure to remember her name. While her distinctive features may give off a mysterious vibe, all mystery is cast aside when she strips down and starts doing the dirty on screen. Having started modeling in her teens, this simmering sex-kitten is used to showing off for the camera. So when she was offered the chance to have some freaky fun at the same time, joining the porn industry was a no-brainer. Although, don’t get us wrong: Heather’s definitely a brainer herself, and an exceptional one at that! Her talent for deep-throating dicks is so impressive, in fact, that she even took home the trophy for Best Oral Sex Scene at the 2014 AVN Awards. This confident and cum-hungry hottie knows how to work a cock, so treat yourself to the ever so fuckable, one and only Heather Vahn today.

Heather Vahn interested Guys and Girls

What job does Heather Vahn have?

Heather Vahn’s profession is Pornstar

When is Heather Vahn’s birthday?

September 26th, 1988

Does Heather Vahn Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Heather Vaughn, Heather Allure

Where Heather Vahn is from ?

Heather Vahn is from United States

What is Heather Vahn’s ethnic background ?

Heather Vahn’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What is the zodiac sign of Heather Vahn


What color are Heather Vahn’s eyes ?

Heather Vahn’s eyes color are Hazel

What color is Heather Vahn’s hair ?

Heather Vahn’s eyes color are Brown

How tall is Heather Vahn ?

5′ 3″

What size bra does Heather Vahn wear?


Does Heather Vahn Have a official website ?


Heather Vahn’s Videos

Heather Vahn’s videos on CaliPornos

Heather Vahn’s videos on Jizzyes

Heather Vahn’s videos on Youjizz

Heather Vahn’s videos on Tubepornz

Heather Vahn’s videos on HDTubez

Heather Vahn’s videos on Pornsug

Heather Vahn’s videos on ELESBO

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