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Gina Starr

Who is the Gina Starr?

Gina Starr is from Pennsylvania, USA. She’s a mature 42 year old babe that can go on hours fucking. She hasn’t been in the porn industry for very long, and is one of the newer ones. She has very few videos out there so make sure to watch the rare ones for a good time. She enjoys getting her ass fucked, getting gang banged by huge dicks, and being in orgies. Make sure not to miss her by watching her on sites such as Candivids, Tampa Bukkake, Gina Starr, Amateur Creampies, and Coreydante.

Gina Starr interested Girls

What job does Gina Starr have?

Gina Starr’s profession is Pornstar

When is Gina Starr’s birthday?

April 4, 1975

Where Gina Starr is from ?

Gina Starr is from United States

What is Gina Starr’s ethnic background ?

Gina Starr’s ethnic background is Caucasian

Does Gina Starr Have a official website ?


Gina Starr’s Videos

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Gina Starr’s Pictures

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