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Gia Milana

Who is the Gia Milana?

For wild women like Gia Milana, the fun doesn’t stop when the director yells cut. Gia’s raunchy antics spill over to her private life, and have since she first started going to sex parties to meet other free-spirits who love to fuck as much as she does. While swinging, Gia met an industry insider who pointed her in the direction of her first shoot, and her career took off like a rocket! Whenever she gets free time from her busy shooting schedule, Gia also loves to blow off steam go-karting and ripping around town to fast-food joints. But, you’d never know she had a raging sweet tooth, because she’s wedded to her gym and always finds time to hit the weights and sculpt her flat stomach and tight, spinner body. If you’ve never seen this hot Latina baring her huge tits and taking dick, then check out her hot scenes today!

What job does Gia Milana have?

Gia Milana’s profession is Pornstar

When is Gia Milana’s birthday?

September 21st, 1991

Does Gia Milana Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Shay Evans

Where Gia Milana is from ?

Gia Milana is from Puerto Rico

What is Gia Milana’s ethnic background ?

Gia Milana’s ethnic background is Latin

How tall is Gia Milana ?


Does Gia Milana Have a official website ?


Gia Milana’s Videos

Gia Milana’s videos on CaliPornos

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Gia Milana’s videos on Youjizz

Gia Milana’s videos on Tubepornz

Gia Milana’s videos on HDTubez

Gia Milana’s videos on Pornsug

Gia Milana’s videos on ELESBO

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