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Gabriella Paltrova

Who is the Gabriella Paltrova?

Although Gabriella Paltrova describes herself as a “dick destroyer,” and she does care for cock with the best of them, this tiny vixen is also a girl-girl goddess: her talent for pussy pleasing landed her the AVN award for Best Girl-Girl scene in 2015. What sets this award-winning hottie apart from the pack is her fearless appetite for trying new things, and an on-screen charisma that glides her through the wildest, weirdest sex with natural ease. How does a woman as free and easy as Gabriella blow off steam from her hectic life as an adult actress? For starters, she rips to the shooting range, hits fast food joints with her friends, and has lots of hot, toe-curling sex. Definitely do not pass this beauty by if you’ve got a soft spot (and a hard cock!) for short, curvy babes, because Gabriella is a whole lot of nympho packed into one sweet 4’11” package!

What job does Gabriella Paltrova have?

Gabriella Paltrova’s profession is Pornstar

When is Gabriella Paltrova’s birthday?

June 22nd, 1991

Does Gabriella Paltrova Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Gabriella Paltrova, Gabriela Roxxx

Where Gabriella Paltrova is from ?

Gabriella Paltrova is from United States

What is Gabriella Paltrova’s ethnic background ?

Gabriella Paltrova’s ethnic background is Caucasian

How tall is Gabriella Paltrova ?

4′ 11″

Does Gabriella Paltrova Have a official website ?


Gabriella Paltrova’s Videos

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