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Felix Jones

Who is the Felix Jones?

Sometimes in life the best things are too good to be true, but when it comes to Felix Jones’ 10 inch monster cock, it is 100% genuine! A slender young man from London, England, Felix is fresh-faced on the porn scene, but already making waves due to his good looks, polite smile, and most importantly, gargatuan dick! Felix grew up wanting to be a solider, but it turned out his cruise missile was meant for love, not war, though he certainly has no issues standing at attention when it comes time to serve!

When he isn’t unleashing one of his signature huge loads on the face of the XXX industry’s sexiest starlets, Felix is a homebody. A self-professed movie buff, Felix spends his time watching films and making webcam clips for his legions of fans. He might look like a teen, but don’t let that fool you: Felix fucks harder than men twice his age! Whether a starlet is challenging herself to take his full 10 inches in her big ass, or she’s having her pussy stretched, there is honestly no way a woman can’t be satisfied with a big-dicked gentleman like Felix Jones!

Felix Jones interested Girls

What job does Felix Jones have?

Felix Jones’s profession is PornStar

When is Felix Jones’s birthday?

November 16th, 1996

Where Felix Jones is from ?

Felix Jones is from United Kingdom

How tall is Felix Jones ?


Does Felix Jones Have a official website ?


What are Felix Jones biggest turn-ons?

my dream girl has to be either chinese or japanese in uniform costumes and also stocking are my one weaknesses

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