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Dolly Little

Who is the Dolly Little?

Delightful Dolly was born in Oregon and started her adult career in 2015. She is little by name and little by nature, all natural and a real pocket rocket. Her beautiful red hair and petite frame make her a real fans favorite. She is also a big fan of feature films. With her tiny frame, you may be mistaken in thinking that Dolly is an innocent, sweet redhead – don’t be fooled – this girl really knows how to perform.

Dolly Little interested Guys and Girls

What job does Dolly Little have?

Dolly Little’s profession is Pornstar

When is Dolly Little’s birthday?

May 21st, 1995

Does Dolly Little Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Dolly Little

Where Dolly Little is from ?

Dolly Little is from United States

What is Dolly Little’s ethnic background ?

Dolly Little’s ethnic background is Caucasian

How tall is Dolly Little ?

4′ 9″

Does Dolly Little Have a official website ?

Yes. http://DollyLittleXXX.Com

What are Dolly Little biggest turn-ons?

DD/lg, lg/lg, lesbianism, cock sucking, deep throating, bimbofication, high heels and mini skirts, business suits, rough sex, facial , consensual , big fluffy princess dresses, school uniforms, fisting, gaping, HUGE toys, orgasms, vibrators, pussy pumpi

Dolly Little’s Videos

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Dolly Little’s Pictures

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