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Dana Vespoli

Who is the Dana Vespoli?

Dache, Faith or simply Dana Vespoli is an actress, glamour model and director in the adult industry. Born on the 22nd of September in San Francisco, she started as a stripper in 1996.She is very successful as she has over 300 titles as a performer and almost 100 as a director. You may see her name being affiliated with Hustler, Evil Angel, New Sensations, Mile High and many more. As a performer she has won two awards, Adam Film World Guide Award for Directrix of the Year in 2007 and an AVN Award for Best Transsexual Sex Scene in 2015. She remains however with 16 other nominations. As a director she has been met up great reviews from the critics receiving a total amount of 54 nomination with 3 of them being awarded to her.

Dana Vespoli interested Guys and Girls

What job does Dana Vespoli have?

Dana Vespoli’s profession is Pornstar

When is Dana Vespoli’s birthday?

September 22nd, 1972

Does Dana Vespoli Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Dana Vespoli, Diana Vespoli, Dache, Faith

Where Dana Vespoli is from ?

Dana Vespoli is from United States

What is Dana Vespoli’s ethnic background ?

Dana Vespoli’s ethnic background is Asian

What is the zodiac sign of Dana Vespoli


What color are Dana Vespoli’s eyes ?

Dana Vespoli’s eyes color are Hazel

What color is Dana Vespoli’s hair ?

Dana Vespoli’s eyes color are Brunette

How tall is Dana Vespoli ?

5′ 7″

What size bra does Dana Vespoli wear?


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Does Dana Vespoli Have a Instagram account?


Does Dana Vespoli Have a Snapchat account?


Does Dana Vespoli Have a official website ?


Dana Vespoli’s Videos

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