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Dana Vespoli

Who is the Dana Vespoli?

Dana Vespoli is a beautifully exotic babe that will leave you cum-soaked and breathless every time you watch her. This half-Thai half-Irish bombshell was born and raised in San Francisco, with the skills to squeeze every last drop out of each cock she sees. Whether she’s buried deep in pussy, taking it balls deep in her tight ass, or wrapping her large sexy mouth around a big dick, this Virgo vixen gives it everything she’s got. Though she didn’t enter the business until she was a bonafide MILF at age 31, she looks as fresh as ever, and her tight athletic body, huge bouncy ass, and perky tits drive her co-stars crazy. Always appearing in scenes with tons of variety, this little sexpot has proved that she’s an insatiable MILF with some serious sexual skills.

Dana Vespoli interested Guys and Girls

What job does Dana Vespoli have?

Dana Vespoli’s profession is Pornstar

When is Dana Vespoli’s birthday?

September 22nd, 1972

Does Dana Vespoli Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Dana Vespoli, Diana Vespoli, Dache, Faith

Where Dana Vespoli is from ?

Dana Vespoli is from United States

What is Dana Vespoli’s ethnic background ?

Dana Vespoli’s ethnic background is Asian

What is the zodiac sign of Dana Vespoli


What color are Dana Vespoli’s eyes ?

Dana Vespoli’s eyes color are Hazel

What color is Dana Vespoli’s hair ?

Dana Vespoli’s eyes color are Brunette

How tall is Dana Vespoli ?

5′ 7″

What size bra does Dana Vespoli wear?


Does Dana Vespoli Have a Twitter account?


Does Dana Vespoli Have a Instagram account?


Does Dana Vespoli Have a Snapchat account?


Does Dana Vespoli Have a official website ?


Dana Vespoli’s Videos

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Dana Vespoli

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