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Crystal Rush

Who is the Crystal Rush?

In the long dark of a Russian winter, there isn’t much to keep a girl warm at night. Russian beauty Crystal Rush tried nearly everything, from BDSM and stripping all the way to hardcore orgies, but it was never enough to satisfy her intense carnal cravings. When she spotted an ad on the internet looking for adult models, her pulse began to race, and she knew that she had finally found her calling. Quickly rising up the ranks from fresh-faced amateur to porn super star, Crystal claimed her rightful place on the throne as Russia’s reigning Anal Queen, and her partners couldn’t be more eager to pay their proper respects to her highness’s banging booty. So take a knee and prepare for the royal treatment, as the one and only Crystal Rush makes you red hot!

Crystal Rush interested Guys and Girls

What job does Crystal Rush have?

Crystal Rush’s profession is Pornstar

When is Crystal Rush’s birthday?

October 5th, 1988

Does Crystal Rush Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Crystal Rush, Aurelly Rebel, Kristall Rush, Anna Kuznetsova

Where Crystal Rush is from ?

Crystal Rush is from Russia

How tall is Crystal Rush ?

5′ 3″

Does Crystal Rush Have a Twitter account?


Does Crystal Rush Have a Instagram account?


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Does Crystal Rush Have a official website ?


Crystal Rush’s Videos

Crystal Rush’s videos on CaliPornos

Crystal Rush’s videos on Jizzyes

Crystal Rush’s videos on Youjizz

Crystal Rush’s videos on Tubepornz

Crystal Rush’s videos on HDTubez

Crystal Rush’s videos on Pornsug

Crystal Rush’s videos on ELESBO

Crystal Rush’s Pictures

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