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Crissy Moran

Who is the Crissy Moran?

No matter what you hear about Crissy Moran and her on-again, off-again foray into on-screen fucking, there’s still zero doubt that she’s got the whole package – goods, looks, and sexual appetite – to send shivers down your spine, as well as tingles from the tip of your dick to the knot in your grundle. Crissy is high-fashion-model material, with her devastatingly hot Hawaiian beauty, intense ‘fuck-me’ eyes, and thick, pouty beejee lips. She’s got a pair of super-amped-up cans that stay standing upright even after a marathon boob worship and tit fucking session. Even with her fat rack, Crissy is as thin as a twig, with a firm ass and great legs. She can handle the man-pound like a serious pro, able to go for hours of intense, sweaty hardcore sex in multiple positions with the heaviest hitting cocks in the biz. Crissy’s story is as follows: working at a Hooters in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, slinging wings and burgers, she wasn’t getting fully appreciated for her great rack and hot body. She did some bikini modeling and, before she could say “fuck me,” big-name brands like Playboy and Hustler were calling non-stop and begging her to come in. Advancing to real penetration for feature porno films and loads of online action, Crissy was an immediate success. She launched her own site and a star was born. For more of her sweet vaginal action, watch some Crissy Moran here at Pornhub HQ.

What job does Crissy Moran have?

Crissy Moran’s profession is Pornstar

When is Crissy Moran’s birthday?

22 December 1975

Does Crissy Moran Have a Alternative Names?

Yes. Chrissy Morgan, Crissy M, Crissy Morannn, Chrissy M., Chrissy Moran

Where Crissy Moran is from ?

Crissy Moran is from United States

What is Crissy Moran’s ethnic background ?

Crissy Moran’s ethnic background is Caucasian

What color are Crissy Moran’s eyes ?

Crissy Moran’s eyes color are Brown

What color is Crissy Moran’s hair ?

Crissy Moran’s eyes color are Brown

How tall is Crissy Moran ?


What size bra does Crissy Moran wear?


Does Crissy Moran Have a Facebook account?


Does Crissy Moran Have a Instagram account?


Does Crissy Moran Have a Snapchat account?


Does Crissy Moran Have a official website ?


Crissy Moran’s Videos

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