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Codey Steele

Who is the Codey Steele?

In the gym he pumps iron, but between the sheets, Cody Steele pumps pussy! A handsome dude with a rock hard cock, Cody is easy going until it’s time to hit the weights. A gym fanatic, Cody frequently hosts workout parties live on social media, and is constantly interacting with fans in order to give them fitness tips. Even when he’s showing off his gains on set, Cody is still plenty helpful, and is always making sure he’s fitting his tip into a wet pussy. His active lifestyle gives him a marathon runner’s stamina in the bedroom, and Cody can keep thrusting for days on end. When he isn’t making a sweat sacrifice to the iron gods in the weight room, Cody likes to relax by listening to good tunes, watching Netflix, and watching sports. That being said, this hustler doesn’t have too much free time, because with his good looks, great abs, and top-notch dick slinging skills, Cody Steele is in high demand by both the industry, and the babes he gets to fuck. Open minded and willing to try anything once, Cody Steele is all about pushing his limits, pleasing the ladies, and looking his best while doing it!

Codey Steele interested Girls

What job does Codey Steele have?

Codey Steele’s profession is PornStar

When is Codey Steele’s birthday?

October 26th, 1988

How tall is Codey Steele ?

5′ 10″

Does Codey Steele Have a official website ?


What are Codey Steele biggest turn-ons?

Passion, I love to kiss, lick, taste, touch, squeeze, and awaken every single inch of you while we're fucking

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